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Higher Ability Learner (HAL)

The vision of Annandale Christian College is to be a college that celebrates life and learning through Christ-centred Education. Our school exists to assist Christian parents to raise wise, happy, obedient and kind students who are well-prepared to serve and influence their community. We do that by striving to teach excellently and by pursuing personal and team excellence.

We recognise that God has created all people with different skills and abilities, including High Ability Learners. To enable these students to achieve their God-given potential and to fully serve their communities, academic enrichment and appropriate differentiation is key to providing them with opportunities to develop these abilities.

High Ability Learners at ACC are formally identified using the SAGES 3 Screening Assessment for Elementary and Middle School Students. This assessment is undertaken by all Year 4 and Year 6 students in Term 1 of each year, with students in other primary year levels referred for assessment as required by teacher request, or parent request in consultation with the classroom teacher. Individual student data from this assessment in conjunction with many other standardised results and classroom observations throughout their schooling enables us to address individual learning needs within the classroom setting and to provide relevant, engaging and enriched learning opportunities regarding the content, learning processes and products that further develop the knowledge and skills of High Ability Learners.