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College Tours

Opportunities to visit Annandale Christian College

Annandale Christian College is a welcoming, learning community and we provide a number of different opportunities for you to visit us. Formal tours, such as the ‘College At Work’ mornings and Open Day, are one way for you to understand our school culture and experience the atmosphere that sets Annandale apart. While Open Day is an excellent opportunity to see the College in snapshot form, ‘College At Work’ mornings (which commence at 9.00am and conclude by 12noon) allow parents to see the school on a normal school day, observe the behaviour of our students, meet our friendly staff, chat with the Leadership Team, ask questions regarding our curriculum and tour the facilities.

Alternatively, we would be very pleased to take you on an individual guided tour of the College at a time that is convenient for you. You can also click on this link to see an interactive map: ACC Interactive Map

For further information please contact our Enrolment Officer, Mrs Cathi Sands, by email or by telephone (07) 47252082 and she will be pleased to help you.