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Food Truck

Annandale Christian College provides many services to our students and staff. One of our latest is the food truck. In partnership with YWAM we offer a food truck as an option for lunch during Term 3, 2021.

Annandale has a long tradition of offering what is called a “tuck lunch”. This involves placing an order the week before and food was delivered on a set date and usually helped the P & F raise some funds.

Our college is one of the few schools which doesn’t have a canteen or tuckshop. There are many reasons for this including the request by our families to be responsible for healthy lunches for their children. However,  we are now in our 39th year of operation and moving toward a master planning phase. It would be worthwhile to know if a canteen is a reasonable facility to include in this plan.

I continue to thank our partners YWAM for working with us so effectively to provide this option to our students and staff on a Tuesday.