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Health Care

The College has a Sick Bay situated in the Administration Building and student care is coordinated by a staff member qualified in First Aid and CPR, and Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management.

Ordinarily, students accessing Sick Bay will be sent there by a class or duty teacher.

The following points provide a brief outline of the assistance process:

  • Students enter the Administration building via the Student Access doorway;
  • Students in need of urgent care (i.e. bleeding, asthma or other respiratory distress, head injuries, fractures) will be taken straight into Sick Bay and be given immediate care. An Ambulance will be called if the First Aid Officer considers it necessary and parents will be contacted;
  • Students coming down with vague symptoms of headache or feeling sick will be asked if they have eaten or had a drink. A drink of water will be supplied and, if they have not eaten, they may be asked to eat something from their lunch box. They will rest in Sick Bay for 10-15 minutes and then return to class;
  • If a student is still feeling sick after 10 – 15 minutes (or if a student who returned to class comes back to Sick Bay with the same complaint) parents will be telephoned.
  • The College does not supply Panadol.
  • An Accident Report will be filled out for any accidents or injuries occurring at school. Often the class or duty teacher will fill this out, but it may be initiated by the Sick Bay staff.