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Master Plan

Master Plan Approved

In 2022, our new Master Plan was approved by the Board. I thank everyone for their contributions and ideas from students, parents, staff and community members. Many of the ideas have been incorporated into this plan which is a concept of what will eventually become more detailed construction drawings. This means that while the plan will be submitted to the Council, there may be some changes over the decade or so as the College needs change or to ensure the site is fit for purpose for the students on the 21st Century. If you have any questions about the finalised Master Plan, please contact the principal .

Here are the concept drawing for our 2022 Master Plan:

Stage 1: Outdoor Basketball Court

In order to progress building and to commence the process of building the proposed buildings, we have decided to work on smaller and more achievable projects. The basketball court and the adjacent Maintenance Shed will provide more teaching space for our students and can be used more effectively by a wider number of classes. In addition it will build community as a covered space is a better place for some P & F events or even for our annual ‘Bush Dance’. Power will be provided to the site for lighting enabling some use of the oval and the basketball court at night.  Large seating spaces and large fans for cooling will enhance learning with a hope that students who play sports in this Hall will be motivated to achieve every success in their selected sport or subject.

Due to the North Queensland weather, it will also provide shade to students for a wide variety of things such as fire evacuations or sporting opportunities. The design has incorporated ideas from students such as louvres on the SE side to capture the breeze while providing some opportunity to prevent wind from blowing around volleyballs for crucial Year 12 assessment tasks. Features such as seating, large fans and storage will further enhance College facilities and support crucial HPE and sporting needs. A wide number of subjects and classes could use this space for learning opportunities be they in primary or secondary.

Here are the concept drawing for our 2023 Outdoor Basketball Hall: