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Master Plan

In 2022, our new Master Plan was approved by the Board. I thank everyone for their contributions and ideas from students, parents, staff and community members. Many of the ideas have been incorporated into this plan which is a concept of what will eventually become more detailed construction drawings. This plan may change as we respond to the ever changing needs of students in the 21st Century. If you have any questions about the finalised Master Plan, please contact the principal .

Here are the concept drawing for our 2022 Master Plan:

Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID)

In 2023 the College commenced the application process for a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) for the Masterplan of the Annandale site. A letter to our neighbours regarding the MID and a copy of the Masterplan covering stages 1 to 10 is below:

Stage 1: Outdoor Basketball Court, Maintenance Workshop & Bus Turnaround

Planning has commenced for Stage 1 of the Masterplan and the Council have approved the development application to construct:


1. A roof over the existing basketball court and spectator seating.

2. A new maintenance workshop.

3. A dedicated, off street bus parking and turnaround area.


This development will provide additional, much needed, sun safe sporting areas and improve the safety of students and the community. The proposed maintenance workshop and bus parking area will be relocated to the South-West corner of the property to make way for the future stages of the Masterplan.

The concept design drawings for stage 1 are below. It is proposed that construction for Stage 1 will be completed in 2024.