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Why Christian Schooling

The founding families of Annandale Christian College believed no education is ‘neutral’. They believed it is natural for all teachers to express their personal beliefs and values as they interpret, plan and deliver the curriculum in their classrooms; and for all schools to teach children their own particular view of the world and the role they believe students should play in it. We still believe this.

The Annandale Christian College community believes it is important to have Christian teachers educating their students and, more importantly, that they deliberately teach from a Christian worldview. Christians believe the world belongs to God. He has a plan for it and for all who live in it. Christian education is not about avoiding the world. Rather, it seeks to engage with the culture and prepare students for lives that reflect, serve and honour God. It is about acknowledging God in every subject area and in every area of life.

Our staff members are all Christians, highly professional and committed to nurturing the students in their care by proclaiming Christ’s sovereignty in all areas of life. This not only results in strong academic performances, but encourages young men and women to see, and respond to, the world as God sees it. A Christian education leads students in a discovery of the wonderful way that God made and sustains everything. It encourages them to discover the amazing potential that each of them has for fulfilled and productive living if they base their decisions and actions upon a commitment to Jesus Christ and his way of doing things. Compassion and mercy, concern for integrity and justice, courage to pursue what is good and resist what is harmful, and a commitment to service for the benefit of others are fundamental to a Christ-centred education.

The Why Christian Schools website also has a short video which addresses this question of ‘Why Christian Education?’