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Sport is an important part of our Australian culture. Annandale Christian College provides opportunities for both Primary and Secondary students to participate in a wide range of sporting activities under the leadership of our Physical Education Specialist teachers and with support from regular classroom teachers. This occurs during PE lessons in school time and inter-school sporting competitions, either in school time or in organised out-of-school-hours programs. (Note: All compulsory sport is conducted during school hours).

Primary school sports include soccer, T-ball, softball, netball, hockey, basketball, cricket and swimming. Secondary students currently focus on basketball, football (soccer), volleyball, tennis and athletics. Both Primary and Secondary students also participate in annual zone athletics, cross-country and swimming carnivals with competitors eligible to represent at District and State level.

The school seeks to cater for the beginning athlete and the sportsperson keen to achieve at District or State level through the development of essential life-long physical skills, healthy behaviours and positive attitudes.

All students and staff members at Annandale are allocated to a House team within the House System (named after our strong Christian examples – Newton, Wycliffe, Carmichael and Chapman) and friendly rivalry and good sportsmanship characterise our Inter-house sporting competitions.