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Travelling To and From the College

When a student leaves their place of residence in College uniform, their behaviour is important to the reputation of both the student and Annandale Christian College. Consequently, the student’s behaviour can be reported to the College and the Principal or Deputy Principal (Secondary) will respond accordingly. Students are expected to leave the Annandale Christian College campus at the completion of their Period 5 lesson at 3pm, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Principal or Deputy Principal (Secondary).

Students travelling on a Townsville bus do so operating under the Annandale Christian College Student Code of Behaviour and Practice - 2021. The directions given by the bus driver must be followed by each College student on the bus.

Students who drive a vehicle to / from the College do so with the permission of their parents / guardians /

  • Students are not permitted to carry passengers to and / or from the College on an ‘ad hoc’ basis. If they have a regular passenger, e.g. relative / neighbour / friend, a note from the passenger’s parents / guardians / carers giving permission is to be presented to the Secondary Office for the attention of the Deputy Principal (Secondary).
  • Students are not permitted to transport any passengers to College outings such as excursions, sports days, industry placement, unless approved by the Principal or Deputy Principal (Secondary) in consultation with the organising teacher. (Points 1 and 2 above still apply.)
  • Students are not permitted to use the College parking set aside for parents, staff and visitors. Students are not permitted to park on Jonquil Drive.
  • Students are not permitted to use their vehicle during the College day (e.g. study period or recess) unless permission is received from the Principal or Deputy Principal (Secondary).) Any unauthorised use of a motor vehicle during Study periods or during recess will be reported to the student’s parents/guardians/carers.  Should such unauthorised use occur three times the student will be required to hand their car keys into the Secondary Office at the start of each college day and collect their keys at the end of the day.
  • Students will provide the Deputy Principal (Secondary) with a description of the vehicle(s) they will be driving, and a signed statement to indicate that they have read and will abide by this policy. (There is a document that needs to be obtained from the Secondary Office and completed each calendar year that specifically outlines the necessary (safety) procedures that licensed students and their parents/guardians/carers need to be aware of.)