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The Annandale Christian College Library aims to provide a rich, welcoming environment for all members of the school community and to provide a wealth of informational and recreational resources which encourages lifelong learning and enjoyment of reading.

The Collection

The student collection consists of a range of fiction, non-fiction, magazine and other resources which cater to all students from Preparatory to Year 12. The library also offers student access to the Internet and school intranet.

The teacher resource collection consists of a range of teaching materials, DVDs, Videos, CDs, CD-ROMs and kits designed to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.

The parent resource collection contains books, DVDs and other resources to assist parents in raising their children in a godly manner.

The collection aims to serve the educational needs of the school community as well as encourage students to read widely and think creatively. If you have any questions regarding the library collection, borrowing rights and responsibilities or have a concern about the suitability of a resource please contact the Teacher-Librarian.

Opening Hours

The library operates between 8.30am and 3.30pm. It is used for Library lessons, small group activities and special events during school time. At lunch time students may come to the Library for an alternative to outside play. They can play quiet games, read, research and/or practice computer skills. Some restrictions to student movement do apply during the day to facilitate the best possible access to resources for all.

Before and after school times are for teacher use, and parent enquiries.


The library is staffed by Teacher-Librarian, Mrs Alex Nicholson, and Library Assistant, Miss Christina Doyle. They are available to assist members of the school community with:

  • research
  • effective use of information
  • selection of recreational reading materials
  • use of equipment and software

In addition to this the library staff work in partnership with teachers to supply students with resources for classroom activities and teaching units; and to accession, and repair, resources in a speedy manner.


The library promotes a number of events during the school year including:

  • Book fairs (Koorong and Scholastic);
  • Premiers Reading Challenge;
  • MS Readathon; and
  • Book Week.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are always welcome at the library. If you would like to help out there are a number of different options available. Please contact the Teacher-Librarian if you have an interest in this area.

Donations to the school library

The school library welcomes donations of resources however all materials donated need to be assessed by the Teacher-Librarian to determine their appropriateness for the school collection. If you would like to contribute to the library in this way please contact the library.