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Chess Club

The game of chess is an enjoyable game on its own and is meant to be fun! However, it also offers many educational benefits for students and learners in general.

It helps to develop critical and creative thinking skills and problem solving skills. Focusing, visualising, thinking ahead, weighing options, analysing concretely, thinking abstractly, planning, and juggling multiple considerations – are all skills that are enhanced by the game of chess. The game of chess is instrumental in teaching children about sportsmanship – how to win graciously and not to give up when encountering defeat. The refinement of such a myriad of skills is beneficial across the curriculum and useful for all of life

The aim of Annandale Christian College’s chess club is for students to learn how to play chess correctly and to have a good understanding of the rules. It is important that students are playing regularly in the chess club but also away from it so that they can gain experience with a variety of playing styles and strengths. Our chess club operates after school for an hour for both Primary and Secondary students.

Our chess club participates each year in the annual interschool chess competition and enters both Primary and Secondary teams. We have enjoyed some success at the regional competitions and represented North Queensland in the State Championships in Primary and Secondary.