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Annandale Christian College takes a balanced view of this topic. Regular homework is seen as a valuable part of the learning process because it potentially:

  • encourages positive communication between home and the College;
  • fosters awareness of, and involvement in, your child’s learning;
  • provides your child with the opportunity to share information, new skills or learning with you;
  • contributes to the development of sound study habits;
  • encourages students to work responsibly and independently; and
  • extends the learning experiences that have begun at school using resources at home and in the community.

We also recognise that each student (and their family) has individual needs and that it is important that students having sufficient rest, recreation and family time as well as fulfilling their homework obligations.

Suggested Daily Homework Times


Junior (Prep – Year 2)  -  up to 20 minutes

Middle (Years 3 – 5)  -  up to 30 minutes

Senior (Year 6)  -  up to 45 minutes


Secondary students should view homework as more than just the written work set each day. It includes:

  • daily written work (needed for the next class);
  • rehearsing oral presentations and / or music performances;
  • long-term research and written work (to meet assignment deadlines);
  • daily review of class notes (including working additional examples of topics or skills studied during the day);
  • a wide reading program in a range of genres;
  • keeping informed of current affairs and world events; and
  • longer-term review (study) of essential basic learning and term content.

Year 7  -  1-1.5 hours daily 

Year 8  -  1 – 1.5 hours daily

Year 9  -  1.5 – 2 hours daily

Year 10  -  2 – 3 hours daily

Years 11 - 12  -  at least 3 hours daily