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Partnering Together

At Annandale Christian College we believe that parents are given the primary responsibility for educating their children and we support families as they train their children in God’s way and God’s truth. We value working in partnership with parents in education, rather than a consumerist attitude of ‘service for a fee’ and the genuine sense of community at Annandale is obvious even to the casual visitor.

Many parents are keen to be actively involved in the educational process and they make a wonderful contribution to the life of the College in general and are having a lifelong impact on their own children and others with whom they share.

Some of the ways staff and parents partner within the College include:

  • New Parents’ information morning teas / evenings held at the beginning of each year;
  • Parent/Teacher interviews which are held formally twice annually and informally on an on-going basis;
  • Assistance during excursions, camps and sporting events;
  • Sport team coaches;
  • Prayer partners;
  • Classroom assistance in reading, mathematics, science or art;
  • Membership of the Townsville Christian Education Association Ltd (the ‘Association’);
  • Attendance at Parents & Friends Fellowship (P&F) meetings;
  • Fund-raising;
  • Office administration volunteers;
  • Library work;
  • Assembly speakers;
  • Greeters and classroom hosts at Open Day;
  • Contributions to the weekly Newsletter
  • Completion of surveys assessing effectiveness of various parts of the school community;
  • Uniform Review committee
  • Growth and Development Committee and SO MUCH MORE.

It is essential that the channels of communication between home and school remain clear and open. Parents are requested to communicate with teachers in the following ways:

  • via email (;
  • spontaneously in person for any brief, non-serious matters;
  • via the Primary Homework folder or Secondary Student Diary for Years 7-12 (not suitable for confidential information);
  • by a note in a sealed envelope;
  • by making an appointment through the Office or directly with the teacher. Appointments will usually be before or after school. If the teacher is on class, he/she will return your call.
  • by making an appointment with the Head of department or Principal where there has been disagreement with a teacher or school policy.

The Principal is available for 5 minute chats most mornings between 8.45am and 9.15 am. (No appointment is necessary).