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Solar Energy:

Leading the way in Clean, Green Energy

Annandale Christian College has made significant progress over many years to ensure that we use the wonderful resources provided by God, the sun. One of these is the installation of solar on the roof of Pioneer Hall. The Power savings are significant and nearly equates to that of a small power station. The benefits to our community are numerous including a significant reduction in electricity costs as well as supporting ‘green energy’ initiatives across the country. Annandale Christian College will continue to explore ways to be good stewards of our resources and to find more efficient ways to use God’s energy for the purpose of educating our children. In addition to the extensive solar system, we also have now installed off-the-grid solar powered lights for our new carpark on Yolanda Drive. The bridge and pathway to the college reception will also feature solar powered bollards for events scheduled at night.



We also have a 5kw Solar system on the roof of D block which supplements the power provided to the school and the grid.

In previous years data from this system was used by our science students for study and analysis.