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Since 2021, Annandale Christian College has had a Laptop Program for Years 10-12, whereby all students in Year 10 are issued with a laptop.  Under this model, the laptop is paid off over three years via levies charged per term, with the student owning the laptop by the end of schooling in Year 12. Whilst this model has served us well, after a review which considered parent and student feedback, the decision has been made to phase out the college-provided laptop program and to move to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model. In coming to this decision, we believe that we have been responsive to increasing feedback from parents and students requesting the flexibility to source their own device to reflect their individual circumstances, or to use a device at school that they already own. 

Therefore, students in Year 10 in 2024 will be required to “Bring Your Own Device”. Specifically, they should bring a notebook or laptop-style device (iPads & Tablets not permitted). I encourage you to read the below information booklet which provides comprehensive information about the BYOD program in 2024 and has a handy ‘frequently asked questions’ section.  

We have a parent portal set up with The School Locker for compatible laptops and parents can access it via this link: . Watch this video to see how to sign up:

You can of course purchase a laptop from any store of your choice. We recommend a i7 CPU, 4GB GPU and 16 GB of RAM if your child will be running Adobe and AutoCAD programs on their laptops.

There will be further communication and updates during Term 4 but if you have any specific questions that are not covered in the information booklet, I encourage you to contact the Deputy Principal: Secondary (Mr Schneider) at the school.  

Below are some websites where you can sign up to protect your family online while at home:

Microsoft Family Safety:

Family Zone:

And check out this website for safety tips while online: