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Instrumental Music

In addition to the regular Classroom Music program, a flourishing Instrumental Music Program (individual and small group lessons) is offered between 8.30am and 4.00pm most week days.

Private specialist music tutors are available to teach in a wide variety of instruments such as piano, strings, guitar (both electric and acoustic), saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, drums and voice.

The members of our Music department are dedicated to making the experience of learning music enjoyable and worthwhile. To this end, they recognise that not all instruments are suitable for all students due to their physical size, weight and technical demands. As a general guide, the appropriate instruments for certain ages are:

  • Year 1: Piano;
  • Years 2 and 3: Piano, Violin, Guitar;
  • Year 4: Piano, Violin, Guitar, Voice;
  • Years 5 and above: All Instruments.

Regular recitals for family and friends are highlights of the music calendar and, as news of the quality performances spreads, seating at recitals is highly prized. Students also have the opportunity to share and refine their musical talents through participation in the school Concert Band and Assembly Band on a regular basis.

Please click this link to enrol your child:  Fill in 2024 ACC Instrumental Music Enrolment Form