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Employment Opportunities

To ensure that the College's vision and ethos are maintained with transparency and integrity, it is the College Board that ensures only staff who are committed Christian people are appointed, and who:

  • model a lifestyle of servant leadership that reflects Christian practice and beliefs in their everyday work;
  • enthusiastically support, safeguard and promote the College ethos;
  • agree with in entirety and support the College’s Statement of Christian Beliefs;
  • agree with the Staff Code of Conduct;
  • are aware of their membership in the Christian community and meet regularly with other Christians as the Body of Christ;
  • will respect and support the directions of the Association through the leadership of the Board and Principal;
  • strive for excellence in their performance and participate in performance management processes to enhance their performance;
  • ensure that their knowledge and skills are current and that their work contributes to the learning and spiritual needs of the students.

Current positions vacant: