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We care for our students and we show concern for how they are attired. Although we want them to be distinguishable by the quality of their character, not by their clothing, we also believe that the way in which people dress is a reflection of some aspects of their character and sense of belonging.

Therefore, having been endorsed by parents and staff, the full College Uniform is compulsory for all students from Prep to Year 12 as a symbol of our solidarity and commitment to the vision and values of the College.

Our current uniforms (both Day and Sports) have been designed to be:

  • practical and durable – well-suited to the activities of the wearer;
  • sun-safe – with a hat compulsory at all times outside of the classroom to minimise the risk of sun damage;
  • aesthetically-pleasing – students are always neat and well-presented; and uniforms should always be maintained in good condition without fading, tears, stains or graffiti;
  • modest – so as not draw attention to any individual on the basis of wealth, fashion or current trends; and
  • Although the full uniform is not required for our Kindergarten students, parents are encouraged to purchase our Annandale CC Kindy T-shirt to identify with the school community.

Annandale Christian College Uniforms can be purchased from The School Locker: