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Camping Program

Annandale’s curriculum is designed to equip young people with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs to deal with life beyond school. The College camping and excursion program plays a very important part in making this happen. While deliberately offering a balance between educational and fun activities, excursions and camps are not ‘holiday experiences’ – they are an integral part of the learning that occurs in our school – and, as such, are viewed as compulsory for students unless there are extraordinary circumstances which can be discussed with the Principal or delegate. .

As students study at Annandale, they will experience opportunities such as over-night sleepovers (on or off the College site), the Year 6 Excursion to Canberra, Cross-Year-Level camps from Year 7, and Leadership Camp in Senior Secondary. These experiences build many important skills into the lives of our students: the development of resilience, adaptability, initiative and social maturity, self-responsibility, positive leadership, and the development of competence and knowledge.

The excursion and camping program also highlights the wonder and diversity of God’s creation as it takes students to unique natural and urban environments. It provides opportunities to enhance the strong pastoral care provided by staff and student leaders through mentoring, encouragement and speaking God’s word into young lives. The timing, venue and cost of each excursion and camp is decided on an annual basis and communicated to parents via electronic and paper means; through the weekly College Newsletter; and via the website.