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Senior: Year 10-12

In Year 10 students begin to have a future focus and grapple with the big questions such as ‘Where am I going?’ ‘What is my purpose in life?’ or even ‘Is there really a purpose to all this?’

At Annandale Christian College students are assured that their life has meaning and purpose because we believe God’s Word is Truth (Jeremiah 29:11 says God has not just any plans, but good plans, plans that give hope and a future, for His people) and a strong pastoral care program reinforces the value of each student.

Career Guidance is an integral part of the Year 10 program and formal Work Experience is supported by the College for students in Year 10 who wish to sample different vocations during school holiday breaks. Believing that God has a future of hope for each of our students, we see it as an exciting task to assist them (and their parents) to begin to discover what this future holds. Likewise, the Year 10 Curriculum becomes more Senior-Secondary-oriented in order to prepare students for the transition from Junior to Senior Secondary schooling.

The core subjects are English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Science (History and Geography). Electives include Health and Physical Education, Graphics, Industrial Skills, Music, Drama, Visual Art, Home Economics (including both Food and Textiles technologies), Business Studies and ICT.

Years 11 and 12 provide the ideal environment for students to take on greater responsibility for their learning, with corresponding privileges. The Senior Secondary program provides the positive, encouraging atmosphere of small class sizes and gives students opportunities to develop their individual gifts, in the context of an educational community striving to be faithful to God in all areas of life. Given the emphasis on formal qualifications in our society, the school recognises its responsibility to ensure that students, according to their gifts and vocational aspirations, attain success in Years 11 and 12, and that students requiring specific subjects for entry into Tertiary Institutions have the opportunity to gain these.

Year 11 and 12 students have access to a wide range of Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority and Authority-registered subjects including: Accounting, Biology, Building and Construction Studies, Chemistry, , Drama, English, English Communication, Hospitality Practices, Information and Communication Technology, Information Technology Studies, Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Mathematics C, Modern History, Science in Practice, Sport and Recreation (Cert III), Music, Physics, Physical Education, Prevocational Mathematics, Visual Art and Visual Art Studies.

Each year, a very high percentage of our Year 12 graduates gain entry into their preferred university courses including Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, Occupational and Speech Therapies, Arts, Information Technology, Creative Arts, Engineering, Sciences, Education and Business, both at James Cook University here in Townsville and at other universities further afield.

Those students not wishing to pursue tertiary study may supplement their vocational studies by engaging in study with external providers such as the local TAFE. School-based apprenticeships and traineeships, and formal Work Experience programs are also considered an integral part of Senior Secondary study and the Secondary timetable is constructed to facilitate this flexibility.

Senior Secondary students play an important role in the life of the College providing leadership and support for younger students. Senior students are encouraged to set and maintain an excellent example for younger students to emulate and regular opportunities are provided for Senior students to interact with younger students, particularly those students in their first year in secondary school.